The pre-cursors of this campaign were started when I was about ten or twelve years old, so as such it has undergone many, many mutations and evolutions, and I as a DM have frantically tried to tie it all together. Even the player roster has changed significantly, through the two current players have been with it since the beginning. They are my younger brother Henry and my good friend Brendan; both play two characters, which in retrospect annoys me slightly, but it is good to have the standard four PCs. My friend Ian runs a campaign which is set in the same world, though at a different time, and the two of us frequently work together to devise new and exciting ways to frustrate the players. Anyway, now for some actual information.

The world of Toric holds four main landmasses: the western continent, which is also known as Toric; the eastern continent of Berberia; below Berberbia lies Saceriim; and south of Toric lies the creatively named Lower Toric. Much of the campaign’s action took place on Toric, set in a typical medieval Europe-based society. However, following a series of significant events, the campaign shifted two hundred and seventy three years into the future. Following [[Vedthor’s]] abuse of the Arcane Concentrates, the Locked World was opened and denizens of the Lower Planes were free to traverse the Material Plane. Widespread destruction followed, and after a brief and futile resistance, mortal races were forced to abandon the notion of civilization. Humanity as it stands exists only as tiny, isolated communities living in fear that their existence may any day be discovered and wiped out. There are two known execptions: Subbawk, the subterranean city built beneath the ruins of Greyhawk, and Bredjukka, a newly built city-state. More to come!

The Toric Wanderings