“Infernal,” or “fiend,” while technically referring to Demons and Devils respectively, have come to be used as catch-all terms for evil denizens of the Lower Planes. They are notable in that they are some of the only beings in the universe that can be considered innately evil; other beings may behave evilly, but there is not the nature drive and tendency towards it. However, while united in a somewhat common nature, the two groups despise each other with undying hatred, waging a Blood War that has been ongoing since what is believed to be the dawn of time.

Formerly, Infernals were confined to their own planes by the Locked World, though in recent times the mysterious arcane wielder Vedthor broke it open to allow the Blood Wars on to the Prime Materiel Plane. As such, a fiend killed on the mortal plane is banished only for 9 years. Previously, any killed would have to spend 399 years reforming, and then would have to brave the Locked World to return for revenge.

When the Locked World was still in effect, infernals could also be summoned with no risk to themselves. If the fiend could kill the summoner, it would be granted free passage for 66 years. Alternatively, the summoner could willingly grant the fiend passage by telling it his or her name; however, even amongst occultists this is considered a dangerous idea. Consorting with demons is considered tantamount to murder in most societies and is often punished as such, if not more forcefully.

One thing when fighting a demon is that it must never know your name, for if it does and it is slain, it can return in the last year of your life, whether or not its sentence has been fully served. For this reason it is considered extremely bad luck to fight even a lesser demon, as it may return plague your descendents.


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