Locked World

Origins and Description

The Locked World is an artificial plane of existence, created very early in the history of the world through what must have been an astounding feat of magical engineering. It serves as a barrier between the mortal plane and the outer planes, specifically the Abyss and 9 Hells. Any attempt by an Infernal to travel to the materiel plane will take it through the Locked World first, a trip which is highly dangerous. In most circumstances, the trespasser will be caught by the protective magics of the plane. If it is lucky, the fiend’s body will be destroyed and it’s spirit imprisoned for several centuries; if not, it will be destroyed permanently, as if it were on its home plane. Few consider it worth the risk, though a properly incensed being may try.

One way to avoid the risk is for an Infernal to be summoned by foolish magic users for some task or request. If the Infernal can trick its summoner or a mistake is made in the conjuring, then the creature gains 66 years of free passage between the two planes once it kills the summoner. Otherwise it can move freely on the plane so long as it is at its task.

In addition, if a fiend is killed on the mortal plane, the Locked World keeps its soul from attempting to return for 399 years.

Current Status

Through his abuse of Arcane Concentrates, Vedthor succeed in breaking open the Locked World and allowing the Blood Wars to spill forth onto the plane. Now Infernals are free to wander between planes as they choose, and destroying one on the mortal plane only banishes it for 9 years.

Studies of the Locked World have revealed, interestingly enough, signs that the World has been broken several times in the past. Historians believe that these events coincide with major cataclysms throughout history, suggesting that demonic invasion was in fact the root. This would also imply that the World is capable of being fixed, though the amount of power required to do so would be enormous.

Locked World

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